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How can Energy Therapy Help You?

I have retired and am living abroad. Please enjoy the materials on this site. If you have any questions, or if you'd like a referral to other practitioners, you can email me.

Are you feeling Stressed, Anxious or Upset?
Do you have Aching Muscles or Joints?
Are you in Physical or Emotional Pain?

Mental or emotional stress is medically recognized as
one of the most significant factors in a person's overall well-being.

Energy therapy techniques can help you

  • Feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Feel more balanced and focused
  • Be physically and emotionally stable
  • Feel more energized and in less pain
  • Heal and recover more quickly

You leave each session feeling better!

Integrative energy therapy is part of the holistic approach to your overall well-being and general healthcare needs. It complements the traditional healthcare provided by your physicians and other healthcare providers, and assists your own innate ability to heal more quickly and bring balance into your life. Energy therapy treats you as a whole person, not just a part or symptom; in the US, it's part of a wide variety of therapies available.

Techniques and Therapies of Healing

Healing therapies begin as "alternative", gain more acceptance, and finally become mainstream healing modalities. See a full-size image of various techniques and therapies available, and their current acceptance status.

Techniques and Therapies of Healing.

What Mind-Body Therapies are Available with Marlene Henkin?

Think of yourself as the center of a wheel, and the spokes are the modalities of energy - each modality may help you, but you may prefer one technique over another, depending upon your needs. Just like you respond to different music depending upon your mood, energy is also vibration. A pre-treatment energy scan and intake interview will aid her in recommending to you the appropriate therapy modality. A mix of several modalities in one session may also benefit you.

Emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances can cause physical problems. Directing energy into your body or realigning your own energy fields supports your body's healing processes and calms the mind and spirit, helping to reduce fear, anxiety, pain and disease.

  • Tachyon Therapy focuses on pain and disease management. Tachyon energy, based on quantum physics, is the transitional state between energy and matter. Tachyon tools are used to bypass blockages caused by injury, disease and life experiences to bring energy to the directed body part and the entire being.

  • Reiki is an ancient Tibetan system of healing rediscovered in Japan. It is a gentle and powerful healing system that channels universal life energy into you, to bring calming and ease to wherever you need it.

  • Foot Reflexology is an ancient healing art based upon reflex points on the feet that correspond to the systems and organs of the body. By massaging these areas, balance is restored to the specific part and the entire body.

  • Polarity Therapy is a modality based upon an ancient East Indian healing system which focuses on balancing the electromagnetic energy fields which surround the body.

  • Therapeutic Touch is a technique used to balance your own energy fields and support your own self healing.

  • Integrated Energy Therapy® recognizes the existence of the Human Energy Field; stress, trauma and injury, on any level, can create energy blockages needing release.

  • Acupressure is an ancient Chinese modality, predating acupuncture. Gentle finger pressure (interface) is applied to points along the body, to release and rebalance the body’s energy flows. Basic Acupressure is a clinical approach designed to address common physical imbalances. Process Acupressure is a mind-body-soul approach to facilitate self awareness and healing at the root cause level.

  • Color Therapy is a healing system that recognizes color is energy and that the vibrations and wavelengths of different colors, when applied to an individual, can help in stress reduction and healing.

What is a Session Like?

  • General Treatment Protocol
  • Excellent as part of ongoing stress reduction regime. You remain fully clothed and are only lightly touched during the session. Number, frequency and type of treatment sessions depend upon your needs. You are the authority on you.

  • Tachyon Energy Therapy Protocol
  • Excellent for pain and injury recovery. Usually only 3 sessions are needed, with a daily self treatment protocol provided after the first session. It takes up to 3 weeks for the energetic treatment to manifest physically in the body; for the body to be trained to accept energy. After 3 sessions, most people can apply Tachyon tools and other techniques for ongoing self treatment.

What are People Saying about Energy Therapy?

"As a busy professional, stress constantly intrudes into every aspect of my life. Additionally, I suffer from certain chronic medical conditions including heart disease and multiple lumbar disc herniations which make traditional exercise impossible. Before Marlene exposed me to the wonder of her various Eastern techniques, life for me was circumscribed by pain. I knew Marlene long before she began her study into alternative medicine. When she asked if I would like to give it a try, I was skeptical because I was trained for years in western medicine. For me, unless something was traditional FDA approved medicine or surgery by a board certified surgeon it fell into the category of mumbo jumbo. I did not believe in the efficacy of Eastern methods such as reiki and reflexology at all. Since Marlene was so enthusiastic, I figured I would humor her and let her try it out on me.

The impact was stunning. After a reflexology treatment, I can feel the areas on which she worked improve, notwithstanding the fact that she did not touch those areas directly. When I receive a reiki treatment, in addition to the benefits of pain reduction, I often fall into a deep state of relaxation which, for me, is more restorative than sleep. I do not understand why it works, but it works, at least on me. I have recommended Marlene to family and friends and it has worked for them too. Marlene does not perform miracles, but she is most certainly a gifted healer." -Samuel Cohen

References from more of Marlene's energy therapy clients are available upon request.


Marlene Henkin: Mind-Body Energy Therapy

A note from Marlene:
I have retired and am living abroad. Please enjoy the materials on this site. If you have questions, please email me.

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