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Mind-Body Energy Therapy for Organizations

I have retired and am living abroad. Please enjoy the materials on this site. If you have any questions, or if you'd like a referral to other practitioners, you can email me.

Marlene Henkin's Energy Therapy can support your organization with:

  • Stress Management
  • Work Life Balance
  • Creative Thinking

....helping to improve employee productivity,
morale and health, and your bottom line.

Why can Marlene Henkin help your Company?

  • She knows the demands, stresses and needs of the workplace
  • She is passionate about bringing integrative stress management knowledge and techniques into the workplace
  • In her various management and executive corporate roles, she has successfully utilized creative energy therapy techniques for innovative approaches to problem solving, and for change and stress management

What do energy therapy seminars offer?

  • Understanding ourselves as energy beings
  • Impact of change management on stress
  • Recognizing signs of stress
  • Self responsibility for overall well being
  • Simple techniques for stress management
  • Work life integration supports personal success
  • The how to of out of-the-box thinking
  • Techniques to improve communications

What do energy therapy mini-sessions offer?

  • Demonstration of employer commitment to employee health and success
  • Demonstrating ongoing method and support for stress, change management and work-life integration
  • Staff that has an improved ability to deal with stressful situations
  • Staff that is calmer, more relaxed, more stable and focused
  • Staff that takes control over their own well being

Seminars and energy sessions are given at your location, and can be tailored to your organization's specific needs and interests. Fees are based upon the needs of your organization; hourly rates are available. Discounts are available for programs comprised of multiple workshops and/or weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions.


Marlene Henkin: Mind-Body Energy Therapy

A note from Marlene:
I have retired and am living abroad. Please enjoy the materials on this site. If you have questions, please email me.

Serving the Philadelphia, PA area.

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