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Humans as Energy Beings

I have retired and am living abroad. Please enjoy the materials on this site. If you have any questions, or if you'd like a referral to other practitioners, you can email me.

Energy Basics

There are several key differences between the world views of the traditional and integrative vibrational models of human beings:

Western / Traditional Model

  • Based upon Newtonian physics
  • The human body is a biomachine comprised of concrete physical anatomical and physiological systems, with parts to understand and fix

  • The brain is a biocomputer with consciousness the by-product of the brain’s electrical activity
  • Human emotions are thought to influence illness through neurohormonal connections between the brain and the body

  • Focus is on "Curing"
    • Problem orientation
    • Treatments with drugs and surgery to "fix" abnormal biomechanisms in the physical body
    • Focus is to release the signs and symptoms of illness – to manage symptoms towards neutral

  • "I am OK" – having no symptoms

Eastern / Integrative Model

  • Based upon Einstein and quantum physics
  • The human being is an open energy system – humans are a series of continuously interacting, multi-dimensional subtle energy systems, which are bilaterally symmetrical and have the capability to transform
  • The human mind-soul connection is the true source of consciousness, which runs the biocomputer brain
  • Human emotions, thoughts and the soul can all influence illness and pain through both energetic and neurohormonal connections within the body-mind-soul
  • Focus is on "Healing"
    • Holistic orientation
    • Complements curing approach with treatment of different forms and frequencies of energy to rebalance and support the body, mind, soul complex
    • Focus is on the release of negative emotional feelings and thoughts, to bring entire being into balance and at peace with oneself
  • "I am well" – functioning at optimal level

At our core we are beings of energy,
with centers called chakras existing at points along our body.


Chakras are energy centers, sometimes described as spinning wheels of light or vortexes of energy that vibrate at different frequencies and are associated with specific functions, organs, sounds and colors.

The 7 major chakras penetrate the midline of the body, in a cone shape, extending from the front to the back of the body (like a front and back door to your house); they are connected to your energy body like a hose, just like the spinal column is aligned to your physical body.

Chakras. Chakras are also stations of information: the chakras in the head are centers of reason, the chakras from the throat down in the front of the body are emotional centers, and in the back of the body are will centers. The 7th, 6th and 5th chakras are also spiritual centers, the heart chakra is the bridge, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras are physical centers. Chakras are users and conduits of energy and are devices to sense energy.

7th Chakra (purple, violet or white) – Crown / on top of head
Vitalizes upper brain, pineal gland; spirituality, integration of total personality, open ended center to connect us to and to bring in the higher energies.

6th Chakra (indigo) – Brow or Third Eye / at forehead
Vitalizes lower brain, eyes, ears, sinuses, pituitary gland; intuition, imagination, concentration, peace of mind, visualization and understanding of concepts, objective knowledge, where we take in universal creativity to ground through our own body.

5th Chakra (blue) – Throat / at throat (neck) Vitalizes thyroid, throat, neck; center of communication, speech, creative expression, new ideas, speaking one’s self truth, expressing one’s needs and wants; back of neck associated with how we see ourselves professionally.

4th Chakra (green) – Heart / at center of chest
Anchors the life force, energizes the heart, thymus gland, circulatory system, lungs; love, compassion, balance; gateway/bridge between our lower physical energies and higher spiritual energies; helps us connect to others and community, relationship with others; openness to life; intentionality towards one’s health on all levels.

3rd Chakra (yellow) – Solar Plexus / at stomach (below rib cage)
Vitalizes the nervous and digestive systems, stomach, liver, pancreas; center of personal will, personal power and ego, ordinary thinking, mental clarity; personal ordinary emotional center; how we see ourselves in the world and how we take care of ourselves; power over creates control – power with creates strength, gut intuition, self esteem

2nd Chakra (orange) – Sacral / at navel (belly button)
Assimilation of food, bladder function, low back, gonads – reproductive system, personal creativity center – procreation, we birth ourselves and others here; sexuality, sensuality, vitality, physical energy, self love, self acceptance

1st Chakra (red) – Base or Root /at groin (front base of spine) - Vitalizes the physical body, center of basic survival instincts, matters relating to the material world, grounding, energy, passion, security , open ended center to connect us to the earth/earth energies, will to survive; associated with the adrenal glands, spinal column and kidneys.

To see this Chakra information as a PDF for printing, please view Marlene's Chakra document. You can also learn about subtle energy fields, sometimes called the subtle anatomy, auras or electromagnetic fields from her 1-page PDF document.

Meridians or channels allow energy to flow throughout our bodies.

Key to Meridian drawings.

Meridians - back and side views. Meridians - front and hands / feet. Meridians are channels or pathways of energy that flow up and down throughout the entire body, from head to toe at all times, on a 24 hour continuous set route cycle, with the energy flowing directly from one meridian to the next. Although energy is continuously flowing in all the meridians, it peaks in a specific meridian every 2 hours, and ebbs in that same meridian 12 hours later.

During each 24 hour cycle, the energy flow ascends and descends through the body 3 times (through different meridians), feeding fresh energy to all parts, and especially to the organs it serves. Each meridian is paired with another, and flows in a set direction, either up or down.

Each part of the body relates to every other part of the body through this flow of energy, called chi or qi. In essence there is one contiguous meridian channel, comprised of these component part meridians that together cover the entire body.

Broken down, there are 14 major meridians, of which all but 2 are bilateral, with each having a left and right side of the body flow. Twelve of these are known as organ meridians, because each serves and influences a specific internal organ; each has a starting or ending point on the hand or foot.

Two are called extraordinary meridians and together create a complete central energy flow through the central core of the body. It is the energy flowing through chakras and meridians that integrates and unifies the body.

To see these drawings in more detail, plus a list of meridians by body section, meridian flows, major meridian key functions and the organs or areas to which they relate, the meridian clock and yin meridian pairings with yang meridians, please view Marlene's 3-page Meridian document.

Nutrition, Color and Sound

Color is vibration, and can be used to help balance our own energies. Balance the foods you eat daily or weekly by color or element. Sound is also vibration and can be used, alone or with color, to balance our chakras. See a 2-page PDF document that describes the values of colors and their complements, and see a 1-page PDF Chakra Sound Chart that describes the sounds associated with each chakra, and how they can be useful to your health. For more information on color therapy and how it can help you, please contact Marlene.


Marlene Henkin: Mind-Body Energy Therapy

A note from Marlene:
I have retired and am living abroad. Please enjoy the materials on this site. If you have questions, please email me.

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