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Scientific Basis of Energy Work and Research

I have retired and am living abroad. Please enjoy the materials on this site. If you have any questions, or if you'd like a referral to other practitioners, you can email me.

Here are some research materials as of Fall, 2006. Research is ongoing in these fields. I hope you'll find this list helpful.

  1. Hospitals in the Northeast Region with Integrative Medicine Centers that offer energy therapy services:
    • Continuum Center for Health and Healing, Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC; offers Reiki, Acupressure, Therapeutic Touch; ongoing studies and research in the field
    • IMC - Griffin Hospital, Yale - Griffin PRC, CT; offers Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Therapeutic Touch
    • MSKCC, Sloan Kettering, NYC; offers Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, Touch Therapies
    • St. Mary Holistic Center at St. Mary Medical Center, PA;; offers Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure
    • Jeanes Hospital, Philadelphia;; Complementary Therapies; offers Reiki, Reflexology
    • Doylestown Hospital, The Spa at Health & Wellness Center;; offers Reiki, Reflexology

  2. NIH / NCCAM Centers for research on energy therapies:
    • Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science, University of Arizona; NIH award to establish center to study biofield therapies (which include Johrei, Qi Gong, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch)
    • Exploratory Program Grant for Frontier Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center, to study Therapeutic Touch
    • Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kernan Hospital, MD
    • Massachusetts General Hospital, acupuncture
    • NIH information about all research studies, listed by topic:
    • National Library of Medicine articles:
    Notes: no NCCAM Center studies have yet been concluded; energy healing therapies are now also being referred to as biofield or bioelectromagnetic therapies.

  3. Research - links to Clinical Studies supporting value/ affect of Reiki:
    • (summary of 5 studies from 1993-1998 for chronic illness, depression, immune function, post-op pain, mechanism of action)
    • no results yet - 7 studies underway for prostrate cancer (2), HIV, fibromyalgia, CD/DM/NID, distance healing for Glioblastoma and breast reconstructive surgery recovery
    • NCBI / PubMed:;
      • 2004 UK pilot study - autonomic nervous system changes during reiki; PMID #15674004
      • 2003 review of biofield therapy and research to date; PMID #12652885
      • 1997 Canada Cross Cancer Institute study using Reiki to manage pain; PMID#9765732
      • 1999 reiki standardarization procedures; PMID#10328637
      • 2002 study of effect of reiki treatments on functional recovery in post stroke rehab patients; Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 12/02, NCCAM Grantee publication; PMID#12614528
    •; 2002 UK Multiple Sclerosis reiki study, Reiki Research Foundation
    • General reiki sites, which include research references:
    • Backgrounder: An Introduction to Reiki by NNCAM:

  4. Research - links to Clinical Studies supporting value/ affect of Acupressure
    •; 6 studies from 1996-2001 for COPD, Dyspnea, Nausea & Vomiting of Pregnancy, Post-op nausea and vomiting, Post-op pain, sleep
    •; no results yet; 6 studies underway for HIV, Cancer, Nausea, Obesity, Colorectal neoplasms, Osteoarthritis
    • NCBI / PubMed:;
      • 2000 systematic review of CAM for pain at end of life; PMID#11068159
      • 1996 study on post-op pain; PMID#8969878
      • 2000 study treatment for gagging dental patients; PMID#11199620
      • 2002 study to prevent nausea & vomiting post-op; PMID#12139646
      • 2002 study on PD; PMID#12400430
      • 2004 study end stage renal disease; PMID#14670399
      • 2004 study low back pain; PMID#15207999
      • 2004 study Cesarean section rates; PMID#15314328
      • 2004 study long term affects of integrated rehab in patients with advanced angina pectoris; PMID#15650466
      • 2004 study of labor pain & delivery length in women in labor; PMID#15673989
      • 2005 study of nausea, vomiting, anxiety, pain post-cesarean; PMID#16179042
      • 2003 pilot study of quality of life with chronic obstructive asthma; PMID#14629844
      • 1997 study of adjunct to pulmonary rehab program; PMID#9271771

  5. Research - links to Clinical Studies supporting value/ affect of Reflexology
    • NCBI / PubMed:;
      • 2003 study - relieves symptoms of MS; PMID#12926840
      • 2000 study of anxiety and pain with breast & lung cancer; PMID#10660924
      • 1999 study of headaches/migraines; PMID#10234869
      • 1994 article on 2 small pilot studies for headaches & post-op; PMID#8073246

  6. Research - links to Clinical Studies supporting value/ affect of Polarity Therapy:

  7. Research - links to Clinical Studies supporting value/ affect of Light / Color Therapy
    •; Light: 1 NCCAM study completed on Alzheimer's disease/dementia, 6 studies underway for leg injuries/fractures, peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis, cancer, warts, Alzheimer disease
    •; Color: no results yet; 2 NCCAM studies underway for effects of different colors of light on human physiology and seasonal affective disorder/treatment for winter depression

  8. Research - links to Clinical Studies supporting value/ affect of Therapeutic Touch:
    •; 7 studies from 1998-1999 for arthritis, cancer, palliative care, drug addiction, pain & anxiety in the elderly, stress & anxiety, use in critical care
    •; 5 studies, 1 completed for stress in neonates & 4 underway for pain, cervical cancer, osteoporosis/fractures and cervix neoplasms
    • NCBI / PubMed:;
      • 2003 study for symptoms of cancer; PMID#14713325
      • 2004 study fibromyalgia; PMID#15222602
      • 1998 study of osteoarthritis of knee; PMID#9789512
      • 2002 study pain treatment; PMID#12484105
      • 2003 large clinical study of value of Therapeutic Touch; PMID#12889546

  9. Research - links to Clinical Studies supporting value of general energy healing:
    • NCBI / PubMed:;
      • 2005 Study of funded studies and hospitals using energy healing, such as reiki, for orthopedic & other conditions; PMID#16056170

  10. Tachyon Energy Therapy

  11. Integrated Energy Therapy

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A note from Marlene:
I have retired and am living abroad. Please enjoy the materials on this site. If you have questions, please email me.

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